Gun Dog Training

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Gun Dog Training

photoWe can help you get off to the right start even before you choose a puppy by helping you identify the breed of dog most suited for your requirements.

Whilst almost any dog can be trained to perform certain tasks it’s always best to get the right dog for the job or be prepared to accept your dog’s limitations.

Once you have decided on breed we can set you on the right path from day one to maximise your dogs potential ability.

It’s worth bearing in mind that whilst it is important to let a puppy be just that, we devise games that help build strong foundations towards your dog’s future learning.

A year old dog that’s picked up bad habits or left to run amok can take months to correct and get back to a position where they are ready to learn, costing you time and a lot of money. Dogs learn in a logical sequence and therefore it’s important to give them the right foundations to build on.

Here at Cotswold K9 we train & run many different gun dogs from spaniels to HPRs and they currently work on real shoots during the season as well as compete in field trials. We have the knowledge and experience to help you get started.

We train all dogs to our customer requirements and can offer residential training whereby your dog will board with us for an agreed period of time and will be ready for you to take into the shooting field.

We have been asked many times to refresh dogs before the season starts for clients who have had initial training, or realised once the season starts that their dog embarrasses them on a shoot, or simply haven’t had the time to continue training out of season.

Alternatively we can train you to train you dog on a coaching basis with a series of exercises over a set amount of time.

You will need to allow 30 minutes a day every day to train your dog, for a minimum of 6 months, and we expect progress when we meet for each stage of training.

We are looking to set up a gun dog club in the near future (run for members by the members) thus spreading the experience and fun amongst many.

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